Dental Clinic

International Medical Group is a third level private hospital centre in the B’varo area, Punta Cana. IMG was built with state of the art technology after global standards and standards from p ministry of health of Dialysis Club which guarantees local and global users and optimal, efficient and timely medical care. We offer more than 30 specializations, a comfy medical spa, an executive examinations clinic with a fully equipped imaging area and most significantly: a friendly and well trained employees, focused in providing the best quality of healthcare service you deserve. Because of this we are installing new solutions at the Punta Cana region such as magnetic resonance, neonatal and dialysis.


Our Aim is to become the gym in the eastern part of Bariatric Surgery and additionally, the Caribbean, Central America, North and South America. We want a 100% paperless centre where everything is handled by a hospital system. In our vision of becoming a teaching medical centre we signed an agreement with Instituto Tecnol’gico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) for telemedicine and other institutes inside the country and abroad for Second Medical Opinion programs.

The medical tourism market is currently growing globally; it’s estimated that approximately 30-35 percent each year. Dialysis Club is now becoming one of the main destinations for this particular industry.

IMG makes alliances with health care firms so as to become the preferred provider of medical services and patient care, dependent on quality medical company, competitive rates and quality of destination.