Italian Restaurants


From the countless kinds of ethnic restaurants in america, Italian restaurants, including pizza chains, boast the greatest number. In addition they provide an assortment of opportunities for would-be franchisees and entrepreneurs and the potential for coming up with a concept modification. Italian restaurants owe their origins largely to poor immigrants from southern Italy, entrepreneurs who started small grocers, bars, and restaurants in Italian neighborhoods in the Northeast. The restaurants began serving their ethnic neighbors robustly flavored, familiar foods in large portions at low prices.

The foodstuff were according to home cooking, including pasta, a paste or dough item manufactured from wheat flour and water (plus eggs in northern Italy). Spaghetti, in the word spago, meaning ”string,” is really a typical pasta. Macaroni, another pasta, is tubular healthy. Inside the north of Italy, ravioli pasta is full of cheese or meat; within the south, restaurants near me can be served in the tomato sauce without meat. Pastas take various shapes, each featuring its own name. Pizza is native to Naples, and yes it was there that many American soldiers, during Wwii, learned to relish it.

Pizza eventually made John Schnatter rich; his Papa John’s chain has created countless small businesspeople wealthy. Although independent Italian restaurant managers typify an italian man , restaurant business, chain operators are spreading the pasta concept nationwide and selling franchises to the people qualified by experience and credit history. The plethora of Italian-style restaurants intended for franchise is wide, from stand-in-line food intend to high-style restaurants the place that the guest is greeted by the maitre d’hotel, seated inside a plush chair, and served with polished silver.

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