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What Is Ipe Wood Made Of?



What is Ipe wood? If you ask this question of someone who doesn’t know what it is, he or she will probably reply with the name of some popular brand of decking. Usually the second response would be that Ipe wood is one of the most durable types of wood available. While this might be true for some items that people use in their outdoor spaces, what makes Ipe so great for other products is how it looks as well as how it behaves.

For one thing, Ipe is very easy to work with. It is easily cut and worked into different shapes as required. Moreover, it can be sanded, refinished, painted and re-carpeted easily. However, some people prefer the look of woods that require special finishing that only some of the professionals can do. Most of us can make simple sanding cuts and follow instructions provided by the manufacturers.

So, how is Ipe wood made? First, the wood is brought to the mill in a log cabin where it is cut into smaller pieces, each about the size of a large marble. The pieces are pulled out of the logs and placed on the floor to dry. It is then hauled to the sawmill where the saw cuts are made.

Another fact that tells about how Ipe wood is made is that it has a distinctive aroma that makes people stop and smell it. This is due to the way the wood dries after it is cut. That is why it is important that wood is handled very gently so that it does not become so dry that it can’t be worked with.

After the Ipe wood is processed, it is ready to be used. Only about twenty percent of the lumber remains after the saw and sawdust is removed. Someof it is put in trays of sand to allow for easier mending, while other pieces go into making furniture.

If you want to buy Ipe wood from the manufacturer, you need to know that most wood that is offered in wholesale are the same woods that are sold in the furniture stores in your area. You can also buy ipe supplier from lumber yards, but the prices are usually more expensive than those that you find in the furniture stores.

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Besides Ipe wood, there are other products made from Ipe wood. One of these is softwood flooring, which is similar to hardwood in its look, but it is made from Ipe. Many people use this material in their outdoor spaces, as it is quite durable.

All of these facts indicate that you should know how Ipe wood is made before you decide to buy it. By doing this, you can save yourself a lot of money as well as the time it takes to figure out the entire process on your own.