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We’re down to earth, human and honest.

A Pleo illustration of two people; one making binoculars with their hands and the other with a hand on their hip and waving

Does this sound like you, too? Then we’re in good company.

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About us

Help teams go further

 Our mission is to help every company go beyond the books. Pleo itself means ‘more than you’d expect’, and it’s been the secret to our success over the last 8 years. So it’s only fitting that we’d pass this philosophy onto our customers to help them make the most of their finances. 

Company spending should be delegated to all employees and teams, be as automated as possible, and drive a culture of responsible spending. Finance teams shouldn’t be siloed from the rest of the organisation – they should work in unity with marketing, sales, IT and everyone else. 

A photograph of two Pleo employees sitting on a yellow sofa in the Copenhagen office

Life at Pleo

What makes Pleo, Pleo?

Speaking of unity, today we are a 850+ team, from over 100 nations, bound together by one mission and our values. Plus, being HQ'd out of Copenhagen means we're inspired by things like a good work-life balance. Now, we’re not saying we’ve figured out this whole thing (and that’s okay). So we need people who aren't afraid to make and learn from mistakes and are brave enough to try new things. After all, we're all in this together.

  • ""I just wanted to apply right away since the job post spoke to me with the kind of energy I have when speaking with people. Well, most of the time!""

    A candidate responding to our job post

    A photo of two Pleo employees; one peaking their head in from the left, the other standing with their hand reached out to them
  • ""Without you, we wouldn’t have such design consistency, good taste, good energy and so much more. I’m really happy and impressed.""

    Some positivity from our Slack channels

    A photograph of three Pleo employees walking up the stairs wearing T shirts with the Pleo logo on the back
  • ""I’m leaving such a passionate gang, with whom I’ve made an insane amount of friends and memories over the past three years.""

    A fond farewell from someone leaving Pleo

    A photograph of seven Pleo employees with four standing and 3 crouched infront all wearing flower crowns and with big smiles

Wherever and however you work— we’ve got you

An illustration of some y fronts

We’re remote-friendly

Most roles (not all) allow for remote working options

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Asynchronous timezones

850+ people work from Eastern Time to European timezones

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Let’s go to work

Join one of our seven city offices (Copenhagen, London, Madrid, Lisbon, Stockholm, Berlin and Montreal) or set up a home office on us

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Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for gifted minds, team players, restless talents, and passionate problem solvers.